Plant Plant Plant

Plant Plant Plant At Godel Farms, we’ve planted a thousand cacao, hundreds of Liberica coffee, squash, papaya and some malunggay the past few weeks.Pine trees and mangosteen are next while we wait for the next thousand cacao.We hope that in 2 to 3 years, we will see them grow nicely.Farming involves a lot of work […]

Five Cacao Trees

Five Cacao Trees So far, we have discovered 5 cacao trees in the farm. All efforts are now being made to rejuvenate them. One has been identified as a criollo. The next step is to get scions from these trees and use them for grafting in order to prevent problems in the future. They should […]

It’s Criollo!

It’s Criollo! The story of Godel Farms has begun. On April 7, 2022, we confirmed that one of the five cacao trees found on our Amadeo, Cavite farm is criollo. This one tree is enough to propagate into 5000 trees through grafting. Hopefully, we will be blessed and we can multiply it successfully. Since it […]