About Godel

Godel is a Philippine-based chocolate solutions provider and bean to chocolate maker.

The Brand

The name “GODEL” is an amalgamation of the surnames Go and Midel; which is a tribute to the legacy of the founder’s parents.

Godel Solutions

A line of equipment for chocolate makers from sorting to packaging, from home to industrial.

Godel aims to uplift the Philippine cacao industry by distributing good quality machines and wares for cacao bean processing and fine chocolate or compound chocolate production.

Our company is passionate in making Philippine cacao world class by investing heavily on time-tested, imported technology and making these accessible to Filipino individuals and businesses. Also, as Godel Chocolate continues to gain knowledge about the craft, we’ll share our know-how and our experiences as a resource for budding chocolate makers. From sorting the beans to packaging the finished product, we want to convey that the right solutions, hand in hand with good quality cacao beans, can yield amazing products.

With Godel Solutions, small, home-based start-ups to industrial-scale factories will be able to produce great chocolate for the local and international market.

Godel Products

A line of bean to chocolate products and cacao by-products

• Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: 70% / 50% / 50% Milk
• Tablea: 100% Cocoa Mass / Sweetened
• Cacao Tea
• Cacao Nibs
• Instant Tsokolate: Hot Chocolate Bomb / Stir-in Hot Chocolate
• Specialty Chocolates
• Seasonal Chocolate Products
• Gift Boxes/Bundles
• Couverture Chocolate for Bakers/Chocolatiers


Godel products are made from fermented cacao beans that are sourced through direct trade with local farmers. Our current origins are Davao and South Cotabato (organic). Cacao seeds that go through proper fermentation result in more flavorful beans that produce a distinct chocolate product.

Our chocolates are manufactured using the latest technology, resulting in good quality, fine texture and smooth mouthfeel. Also, by adhering to the fundamentals of chocolate making, Godel products are simple in formulation but packed with the flavors that make chocolate delightful and enjoyable.


Godel is a trademark of JCG Marketing Group, Inc.

Since 1995, JCG Marketing Group, Inc. has been a solutions provider for the bakery industry – from home-based to industrial-scale, from material handling to packaging. Its brand Vesmach is an established name in the industry, providing quality equipment and services for the Philippine market.

With our expertise, reach and experience in the country, backed up by thousands of bakery equipment installations, the company hopes to help Philippine Cacao stakeholders advance the industry faster by using the right technology and employing a mindset to do things right the first time around.