Cooling Working Tables

TCP 30

The TPC 30 are refrigerated working tables, with static positive refrigeration, designed
to receive 400x600mm trays or grids. They exist in built-in refrigerating unit version
(GL) and in remote refrigerating unit version (GD).

  • All the internal angles are rounded off to ensure a perfect cleaning.
  • All the supports are removable without any tools.
  • Panels insulated with polyurethane foam 42kg /m3, high pressure.
  • 400×600 trays or grids must be ordered separately.
  • Built-in refrigerating unit H.T.A. (High Ambient Temperature,
    +43°C maximum).
  • Evaporation tray for the defrosting waters (removable).
  • Batteries protected by a reinforced cataphoresis treatment.
  • The TPC range can be entirely disassembled. Full stainless steel
    panels or PVC coated.