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Delfin Auriga 500 Horizontal Flow Packaging Machine


• Structure made of painted steel RAL 9006 on castors or
adjustable feet
• Supports on conveying band having a lenght of
2100 mm (usable width of 1200mm).
• Quick removable products pushers made of plastic materials. The pushers are fitted every 4 meshes with selectable pitches and a total amount of 160 meshes(pitches available 4/8/16/20).
• Thermo-Sealing plate with two fin wheels assemblies ø 120 mm with manual opening.
• Up jaws with one sector.
• Film reel carrier 500 mm width, self centering and with modular brake with leather cord
• Machine control through planetary reduction units Varvel
• Electric plant with OMRON PLC, motors and drives
• Three axes Brushless and 2 control of the temperature.