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Tempering and Dosing

Gami Temperatrice


Continuous cycle automatic tempering machine, from heating with a bain-marie system, to tempering obtained by cooling with a refrigeration compressor. The capacity of the tank, equipped with a special mixer to keep the chocolate fluid and homogeneous and built in AISI 304 steel, is 80 kg. A trolley is combined with the machine, thus obtaining a covering system complete with diffuser, blower, striker and adjustable code-cutting device. The overcoating trolley has a working width of 600 mm. The removable auger allows a fast and accurate cleaning for a rapid passage from the processing of one type of chocolate to another. All temperature checks are carried out by means of high precision probes and controlled by a dedicated electronic card. For the machine, already equipped with a flow stop pedal, programmable doser and timer for self-ignition, a heated vibrating table is available on request, useful in the preparation of pralines, Easter eggs and hollow subjects. In addition, the flow of chocolate is adjustable.