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Cacao Tea

Godel Cacao Tea has a distinct and surprising flavor you’ll surely love. Product is made of husks from roasted cacao beans; so you know it’s good for you.

Guaranteed no additives so you can enjoy its rich aroma and unique taste.

Loose Leaf 100g


Tea Bags 10 x 5g



Loose Leaf: Place 3 tbsp cacao tea into pot. Add 500ml hot water and steep for 3-5 minutes (according to taste). Strain tea solids before serving. Straining is not necessary if tea infuser or coffee press is used.

For single serving, place 1.5-2 tsp cacao tea into cup and add 180ml hot water.
Steep for 3-5 minutes (according to taste).
Strain tea solids before serving.

Tea Bags: Steep 1 tea bag in 180ml hot water for 3-5 minutes before enjoying.

Add sugar or splash of milk, if desired.
Tip: Rinse tea husks or dip tea bag in hot water before preparation.


It has zero calories, 100% sugar-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free with no artificial additives, preservatives or flavors.
Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids
Flavonoids can help prevent clogged arteries, promote healthy blood flow and improve cognitive function. They have also been linked to reduced risk of cancer, heart disease and asthma.

Energy booster
Cacao husks have a high concentration of a natural substance called theobromine, which helps keep the brain and heart active and stimulated. This provides a mild boost in energy and increased mental focus.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Theobromine-rich cacao helps reduce blood pressure by widening the blood vessels.