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Vesmach Combined Weighing and Packaging Machine


•  High-precision and high resolution loadcell;
•  1.6L hoppers can be widely used for a variety of common standard materials and standard weights.
•  Combined multihead weigher and vertical packaging machine, fully automatic weighing, filling, date printing, packaging and outputting.
•  Automatic fault alarm system ensures safe and reliable operation.
Kenwei -Standard Combined Weighing And Packaging Machine | Automatic..
•  Integrated control panel, man-machine interface touch screen, easy operation and maintenance.
•  Equipped with servo motor & film pulling system and optical tracking devices to ensure accurate bag length and color positioning. Horizontal sealing by servo motor with high speed and high efficiency.
•  Cheap, economical, cost-effective and with low maintenance costs.
•  Low height, small sizes for a variety of standard workshop and small places.