Conservation Pastry Cabinets

Pastry Cabinets 46
Pastry Cabinets 68

The Pastry Cabinets are positive conservation cabinets designed for the storage of fine pastry products with coatings or icings.

• The injection is at high pressure (60 mm – propellant : water) with a guaranteed density of 43kg/m3.
The high pressure has the power to form extremely fine particles which increases the insulating power
of the foam produced.
• The interior and exterior panels are clad front and back in 6/10 electro-galvanised sheeting,
covered in a food-safe high resistant 120 micron PVC film.
• The alliance of the insulation’s width, in polyurethane foam, and its density, limits the losses and the
energy consumption. This economical conception allows you to reduce your consumption by 7 to 10%.
• The door seals are in black TPE.
• Door with dampers.
• The batteries are protected by a reinforced cataphoresis treatment.
• The slide rails can be dismantled without any tools, for an easier cleaning and a better hygiene.
• The floor is entirely smooth : no holes nor fixations.
• The cabinets are equipped in standard with a refrigerating unit with R290, capable of functioning in conditions up to 43°C.