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Trying Fermentation Part 1

Wet Beans Buying in Amadeo, Cavite

We just conducted our first buying of wet beans in Amadeo. Only 2 farmers had harvests for a total of 26kg.

One batch at 14 brix — perfect ripeness for fermentation. The other batch was at 16 brix.

Started February 10, 2023, 3:20pm | Temperature: 26°C, outside temperature at 27°C | pH: 7.5 

We made a small square ferment. Skin was easy to remove and the taste of the bean was so astringent and grassy but generally pleasant.

Cacao Fermentation After 48 Hours

Temperature: 34.2°C with 31°C outside box.

We are making 48 hours – 48 – 24 – 24 ferment. Due to the 26kg volume of wet beans, it is difficult to reach a higher temperature.

By this stage, the cotyledons are separating and the radicle are changing color. It looks like there’s a day delay due to the small batch; but it’s okay.

It’s considered a good start even if we don’t have enough beans.

Fermenting After 48 + 48 hours

A sweet-sour smell and alcohol. Beans taste less astringent and bitter. Some flavors are now developing.

Center and side temperatures are almost the same at 44°C versus 43°C.

Radicle is now same the color as the cotyledon.  Cotyledon has a light purple color with slimy mucilage.

We mixed the beans and prepared new banana leaves.

There will be 2 more days of 24+24.

One of the purposes of fermenting cacao beans is to stop germination. We are now at the aerobic stage as we mix to let oxygen in; and this will generate more acetic acid, which hopefully balances with the alcohol.