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Nut Butter Grinder


1. 316 stainless steel: re-materialed to the discharge parts, fully using 316 stainless steel material
2. Original: Grinding without adding oil
3. Fast: Grinding speed is faster than conventional grinders
4. Cleaning: Disassembly fast, easy to clean
5. Low temperature: Does not destroy the nutrition of food
6. Adjustable weight: Gaskets can be placed to adjust the thickness of the material
7. Double waterproof: Prevents water or oil from flowing into the motor
8. Speed adjustable: Speed is slow and the taste will vary

*Drain hydrant: When the material is water-biased, the water-sequestration material can be allowed to flow out of the device
*Reverse device: When the material is stuck, it can be returned using the anti-transfer item
*Cooling fan: Effective for long periods of time